Staying positive and cheerful – Advantages

Being happy, positive and cheerful when every thing is going great? We all can do. Great!

How about maintaining the same when things are really down and low?

In my humble opinion and with my own experiences, maintaining the above said gestures especially during difficult times can produce positive outcome. I have evidenced this for more than 2 decades and can give real and practical examples. Even our body and mind can heal from damages or even avoid potential damages if we maintain this attitude well.

More over, when we maintain cheerful face, we also attract positive minded people and like minded people.

There are some setbacks as well. When you are going through difficult times, the world expects you to be down, crying and weeping. If you don’t do that and demonstrate smile, happiness and courage, those who are supposed to offer a helping hand may now get puzzled.

Even in such circumstances, I have decided to stay positive, cheerful and even encourage others. There may be some short term delays and setbacks. Ultimately, things will turn around positively.

Have a cheerful day everyone!

Strength during difficult times


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