RIP – What do we truly mean ?

This is reflection of my personal reaction from childhood. It got really aggravated few weeks ago after seeing a person known to me ‘Reagan’ Jones who stood for global peace. He didn’t stop there and further did some tasks that qualified him for world records. He also has written to then American President Ronald Reagan. Hence the name Reagan got attached to him as I understand.

WR: Longest Letter —
Reagan Jones of Kerala took four years to complete a letter addressed to pope John paul II, using more than 10 crore (100 million) words on the 2.4 km (7,872 ft) long, 61 cm (2 ft) wide paper which weighed over 100 kg.

He was known for his English knowledge and has taught many young people in his locality. However, he decided to stay in the same neighborhood in Vandiperiyar area, Kerala state where my dad also spent close to 5 decades of his entire career.

Very sad part to hear is that he really struggled for his basic medication. Even though he was awarded world records, some how, the benefits did not reach him. He wanted to live a simple life. However, I think the society took very little use of his talents and skills in a small circle. The society did not provide him a platform where many would have benefited.

When we search for his accomplishments, there is a very little we could find about this valuable soul, who is no longer in this world. However, I could hear more from some of my authentic contacts who were more closer to him.

After he passed away, I could see messages like “Let his soul rest in peace.”. To me, what good does that gesture does to him?

I also asked the same at funerals. People tell about how good that person was, in tears, in front of others. That is when you will hear so many positive things about that individual. Until then, every one will talk about that person’s shortcomings, failures, mistakes, sins etc. Does that bring any benefit to the person who cannot even hear you?

Here is how I read such acknowledgements. “Ok, now I don’t see this person as a threat or competition. So, let me now acknowledge and score some points in front of others.”

My kind request is for people to endorse, acknowledge good deeds when those people are alive. Let us take time to acknowledge the good deeds of people who are doing tasks what you are not ready or willing to do. Provide support, enable the resources and platforms so that the individuals could really accomplish the positive changes they like to see during their life time and they truly REST IN PEACE. Please do not shatter their dreams and visions into PIECES and then say RIP.



“When a man has done what he considers to be his duty to his people and his country, he can rest in peace.”

~Nelson Mandela


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