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Thanks for visiting my blog. I like to give you a short overview of myself. I like to use this channel to share my thought leadership, wisdom and also my commitment to transportation, logistics and supply chain industry.

I am a highly self-motivated, self-driven and process driven executive with consultative mindset. I bring proven expertise in delivering innovative solutions to increase revenue, operational efficiency, profitability and transparency around Transportation, Logistics, Supply Chain Management and Channel Management.

I have consistently proved to my customers for rapid prototyping and realizing ROI for business use cases with emerging technologies and innovations. My core competency is in identifying and solving core business problems using right combination of human, process and technology. I take pride and confidence in transforming blue prints or sketches into successful implementations using creative resourcing in a tactical manner (in 45 days to 90 days).

By establishing trust and credibility with my customer, I assist them on follow-up activities such as developing solution road maps and strategic building blocks.

Demonstrated success by directing organizations during early stages and to reach steady state. Capability to view technical implementations and business functions side by side. Capability to optimize operations by leveraging right level of technology and human factor. Possess diverse technology expertise, experience from service organizations and smaller start-up companies, which contributes to problem resolution in various situations.

Strong management and leadership skills, with ability to motivate professionals and maximize levels of productivity.  Excellent communicator, with emphasis on building strong client relationships.

Looking forward for opportunities to leverage my more than two decades of wisdom combined with the passion to bring positive transformation in logistics industry.  I am very confident that the strategic values and core expertise can bring measurable operational efficiency and profitability to logistics and supply chain organizations.

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